Traina Thoughts: It’s the 1-Year Anniversary Of One Of The Wildest Plays in NBA History and Greatest Memes of All Time

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LeBron James’s frustration with J.R. Smith during Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals made for an epic meme.

1. May 31, 2018, Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Warriors and Cavaliers tied at 107 with 4.5 seconds remaining in regulation. Cleveland’s George Hill misses a free throw. J.R. Smith grabs the rebound a few feet from the basket AND THEN RUNS THE WRONG WAY. LeBron James tries to plead with J.R. that he needs to shoot, but it’s too late and the world is given one of the best sports memes in sports memes history.

Here is the full play in all its glory.

After that, Golden State swept Cleveland in four games to win the NBA title.

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