The NCAA Is Requiring NBA Agents to Have Degrees. That’s Stupid.

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The NCAA released a memo to agents on Monday instituting new certification criteria — and one of them was a bachelor’s degree.

The memo, obtained by ESPN, also requires agents to have professional liability insurance and NBPA certification for a minimum of three consecutive years and to have completed an in-person exam at the NCAA office in Indianapolis in early November.

According to ESPN, some people have begun referring to the college requirement as the “Rich Paul Rule” after Rich Paul, who represents NBA stars including LeBron James, Ben Davis, and Anthony Simmons. Paul started working with James shortly after high school and never graduated from college. The new rule would mean that Paul couldn’t represent any of the new underclassmen trying to enter the draft.

The measure has proven to be controversial, but the NCAA released a statement defending it on Wednesday.

“Although some can and have been successful without a college degree, as a higher education organization, the NCAA values a college education and continues to emphasize the importance of earning a degree,” it states. “We were guided by recommendations from the Commission on College Basketball — which spoke with the agent and advisor community — that the NCAA certification process should be more stringent than current processes.”

Sorry — but this is so, so stupid. In fact, the very reason why agents should not be required to have a degree can be found in the NCAA’s own argument that they s

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