The Lakers Have More Than Just LeBron James As They Enter Training Camp

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Every team comes into media day with a group of hyped-up players itching to get out and play some official basketball. Every word is optimistic and every description is complimentary.

The Lakers were no different on Monday as vets and young players expounded on their thoughts about entering camp alongside LeBron James. 

LeBron James will suit up next to some highly competitive athletes. (Photo by Scott Varley/Digital First Media/Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images)

Lonzo Ball, despite coming off of knee surgery, is noticeably bigger up top. Kyle Kuzma was getting heaps of praise for his work ethic. And there was an overall mantra of mentorship between the generations. These Lakers aren’t just talking the talk. 

Surely there will be issues throughout the season. There may be some tough times but any evidence of future infighting is so far nonexistent amid media day coverage.

One of the more tangible examples comes by way of James who laid out what at least sounds like a mentorship program, via Silver Screen and Roll.

We all can pick, you know, a guy a day. ‘Hey, I got you today, Kuz, or Zo, I got you, or Rondo, he got you, or BI.” So, we have a great mixture. And that’s what Earvin did, or that’s what Rob did, or Jeanie. They put together a … great mix of young guys, older guys, veterans, champions, guys that want to learn from … So, it’s exciting for sure.

That brotherly wisdom is already paying off for some. Kuzma in particular has eagerly devoured as much knowledge as he can glean early in this process.

Lance Stephenson offered his overall assessment of the young guys, via Mike Trudell: “It’s a different type of group of young guys. They bring it every day. They’re in tip top shape and they want to learn every day.”

For this grand experiment to work, the younger guys are going to have to mature in microwave time and become a pivotal part of the rotation immediately.

There’s a feeling that the veterans understand that any success comes with an sudden burst of development from the younger guys.

You can forget about the Meme Team, at least for now. Training camp is starting with all the harmony of a Phil Jackson chill session.

It’s hard to see Rondo arguing for minutes, at this juncture, when you realize the playoffs come by way of a healthy Ball.

After the interviews, it’s hard to see caustic relationships brewing when you hear about the guys trying to beat each other to the gym. It’s this brotherly competition that will prove to be their most valuable asset aside from the King. 

A lot of these players are still getting to know one another. But it’s clear there is already a solid foundation heading into camp, which includes a seemingly immutable bridge between the team’s generational divide.  &nbs