The ESPN Daily: The Raptors take Game 1

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Toronto controls Game 1 … The Raptors’ NBA Finals debut couldn’t have gone much better than it did Thursday, as they controlled the game from the opening tip to put the Warriors in a place they haven’t been during their current dynasty — down 1-0 in the championship series. Pascal Siakam led the way with 32 points and is currently the toast of Canada. Read More


Tottenham vs. Liverpool … A ridiculous Champions League season ends Saturday at 3 p.m. ET, when Tottenham Hotspur take on Liverpool. Who has the advantage in this all-England final? We have the full breakdown, including the backstory for each team and our expert prediction. Read More

James to Wade all over again … If you’re a high school basketball player, competing against one of LeBron James’ sons would be difficult. Competing against him AND Dwyane Wade’s son? Absolute nightmare. Good luck to the kids who are going to have to do that this fall. Read More

Best season ever? Cody Bellinger is raking right now, practically lapping the field in average, OBP and SLG. On top of that, he’s playing stellar defense and making no mistakes. It’s still early, but Bellinger’s numbers are starting to put him on track for one of the best seasons in MLB history … and perhaps ever. Read More


The shadow lingering over the NBA Finals … Regardless of whether the Warriors or Raptors prevail, the question of where Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard will end up next season is significant. You can bet the entire league will be analyzing each win, missed shot, and stray comment with that in mind. It’s fascinating that, in the modern NBA, the league’s championship event seemingly takes a backseat to the free agency sweepstakes. Read More

The toughest football player who ever lived … Pro Football Hall of Famer Bart Starr died Sunday, and his legacy is unrivaled — he won and was named the MVP of the first two Super Bowls, after all. But one thing that might have been lost in all the tributes was his toughness, which stood out even in the rough-and-tumble early NFL. Read More

The danger of foul balls … By

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