The ESPN Daily: The annual Madden ratings beef, the summer league’s hottest kicks and a marriage of champions

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The annual Madden ratings beef … Exactly four players got 99 ratings in this year’s version of Madden, which means they’re the only ones who have nothing to complain about. Everyone else has the potential for some serious beef. Some players took to Twitter to protest their overall ratings. Others took issue with their strength or speed numbers. Tyrann Mathieu (87 overall, not bad) went to bat for Tom Brady, Pat Mahomes, Deshaun Watson and Drew Brees. Fun times for everyone! Except for the people at the bottom of the list. That definitely can’t be fun. Read More

Overwatch truly goes global … Most of the matches in the first two seasons of the Overwatch League have taken place at Blizzard Arena in California, but that’s about to change. Next season, teams will host “homestand” events, during which entire weeks of games will take place locally. It’s not quite the way traditional sports operate, with teams traveling constantly to face opponents at their home venues, but it’s a big step for a young league. Given the success of homestands this season in Dallas and Atlanta, it’s pretty clear that the hype level will be through the roof in 2020. Read More

Marriage of champions … It’s rare for Julie Ertz’s schedule to align with her husband Zach’s. She’s playing in the National Women’s Soccer League or for the U.S. national team, while he’s catching passes as a tight end for the Eagles. It’s the kind of relationship where much of it is spent on the phone, but the stars aligned this year for Zach to watch his wife help Team USA win its fourth Women’s world cup.
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The summer’s hottest kicks … The NBA’s summer league is over for this season (congrats to the Grizzlies!) but its true legacy will be the incredible sneakers its

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