The ESPN Daily: Rise of the robots, paging the real QBU, and how can Kawhi have all that power?

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Moving pieces … We’ve got a week until MLB’s July 31 trade deadline, and it’s about time for contending teams to make their biggest decisions of the year. A whole bushel of players could be on the move, including some iconic names. We’ve got the full list of potential deals right here, from ace starters to big bats. Read More

Kawhi the pioneer … Kawhioneer? I think that works. Might workshop it a bit. Anyway, it has been a fact for a while that NBA superstars have an extreme amount of influence over roster-building, but Kawhi Leonard’s power moves this offseason brought it to a new level. What else can you say about a star so powerful that his influence led to another team to trade their own superstar? Zach Lowe examines what this new level of power means for the NBA as a whole. Read More

U sure about that … Will the real [insert position here] U please stand up? Whether it be WRU, QBU, DBU or even O-Line U, a slew of schools proudly claim to produce the most talent at each position. From Twitter handles to practice shirts, you wouldn’t have to dive deep into the college football realm to find out who touts their program’s pedigree as superior. It’s an on-going — and often heated — debate that deserves answers. So with the help of ESPN Stats & Information, we turned to the numbers to reveal who truly deserves each moniker. Warning: The findings may shock you. Read More


Rise of the robots … Like all technological advancements, robots are really only as good as the manner in which we use them. On the plus side, robots allow us to automate many dangerous or thankless tasks, freeing up our time for the pursuit of art or science or just leisure. On the negative side, they might rise up and turn us all into human ba

Read More

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