Protesters in Hong Kong burn LeBron jerseys

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Protestors in Hong Kong cheered when a ball dropped into the basket after smashing into a photo of LeBron James‘ face that was placed above the hoop.

They also trampled on jerseys bearing his name and gathered in a semicircle to watch one burn.

James’ standing among basketball fans in Hong Kong took a hit after his comments about the ongoing protests and free speech. Fans gathered on courts amid Hong Kong’s high-rise buildings Tuesday to vent their anger.

The Los Angeles Lakers star touched a nerve among protesters for suggesting that free speech can have negative consequences. Anti-government protesters have gathered for months in Hong Kong, partly in defense of free speech, which James said can carry “a lot of negative.”

The protesters chanted support for Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, who tweeted on Oct. 4 in support of the anti-government protesters in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

What the crowd of some 200 people chanted about James wasn’t fit for print.

“People are angry,” said James Lo, a we

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