Nepotism Is Everywhere, Trevor Noah Says

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“That’s how the world works. A lot of people get opportunities because of who their parents are. Cindy Crawford’s daughter is now a model. Andrew Cuomo’s father was the governor of New York before him. And do you think Harry Potter would have gotten all that attention if it wasn’t for his famous wizard parents?” — TREVOR NOAH

“Donald Trump Jr. just got paid $50,000 to give a speech at a college. If he wasn’t Donald Trump’s son, why else would they be asking him to speak, huh? To share his expertise on bad beards?” — TREVOR NOAH

“Even with their dad in office, the Trumps are still growing their business in places like India, Philippines, Indonesia, Uruguay — they’re all over the world. It’s like ‘The Amazing Race’ with no running and no chins.” — TREVOR NOAH

“I know for a fact, I know, the only reason I got to where I am today is probably because my great-great-grandfather built the ark.” — TREVOR NOAH

The White House shared a letter that President Trump sent to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey last week, urging him not to invade Syria. It began, “Dear Mr. President: Let’s work out a good deal!” “As if he

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