LeBron Made His Choice, And He Chose LeBron

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For whatever his faults may be (not being on your favorite team, hubris, brazenly studying the room without trying to hide it, etc.), LeBron James has consistently been a voice of progressive reason, but he has also been relentlessly acquisitive. Thus, no one ought to be nearly so surprised, shocked, or offended that he wanted to protect any personal financial impact from the NBA’s China Syndrome. After all, he may want to own a franchise someday, and besides, all the other principals were trying to protect their own as well.

This is in direct opposition to the Chinese government, which has held, currently hold and will continue to hold all the cards here. In a room full of gamblers, China is the house.

(To those who want a strident defense of the interests of the Hong Kong protestors here, please take it as implied. Geopolitics aren’t nearly so complicated if you view the world’s issues as matters of right or wrong based on even the most elemental moral and ethical base.)

Enter money and power, though, and it all goes to hell, because while the species can do the moral and ethical thing, it always seem to prefer the cash and the big chair because, well, it’s easier. In this case, the NBA wants access to China’s population and the money and influence that reasonably should flow from same, but to get it, the league has been forced to acknowledge that the Chinese supply includes Chinese demands. That’s how Daryl Morey got caught in a trap nobody foresaw—expressing mild indignation about the plight of pro-Democracy protesto

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