LeBron James & Uninterrupted Introduce Glass Helmets for NFL Players

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For their latest endeavour, basketball superstar LeBron James and his media company Uninterrupted have launched the Glass Helmet Project, which aims to empower and encourage young football players.

Even big league NFL players are constantly covered by helmets, making them usually unrecognizable, both as an athlete and the people they are off the gridiron. To combat this, Uninterrupted’s Glass Helmet Project aims to tackle “The Helmet Effect” and to give fans the opportunity to connect and appreciate the athletes behind the masks for more than a football player. As noted by James himself, the new see-through helmet is to allow an athlete to be seen and heard, unlike the current football helmets which cover the athletes’ faces. “Because they are, at the end of the day, they are people as well,” James shares. The helmets were designed by Victor Solomon.

In the video above, Maverick Carter, CEO of Uninterrupted, Andrew Hawkins, and Solomon discuss the importance of being seen and heard in today’s game.

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