LeBron James came off the bench once in his career, and he did it to protect a teammate from being booed

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LeBron James has played in 1,437 games in his 16 years in the NBA between the regular season and the playoffs.

In 1,436 of those games, James was in the starting lineup. But for one game in December 2007, he decided to come off the bench to help a teammate.

While the story of James’ one game begun on the bench is more than a decade old, it was recently brought to the top of minds again on Reddit.

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As Don McCormack wrote for Amico Hoops in 2017, James had missed five straight games because of a sprained left index finger and was set to return to the court on December 11, 2007, for a game against the Indiana Pacers in Cleveland.

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown planned on starting James that game, but the 22-year-old superstar asked to come off the bench — he wanted to enter at the same time as his teammate Anderson Varejao. At the time, Varejao had just ended a contentious holdout with the team, pla

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