LeBron James, a Fan of Tacos, Seeks to Trademark ‘Taco Tuesday’

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Twenty-five other filings, including the request by LBJ Trademarks LLC, are pending or dead.

Taco John’s, which did not respond to a request for comment, has been known to aggressively protect its claim on the term. But policing the use of “Taco Tuesday” is likely a futile endeavor: just Google “Taco Tuesday” and the name of any medium-sized or larger big city. Hundreds of restaurants, bars, and cantinas use the alliterative phrase to promote taco and drink specials on their menus, flagrantly ignoring a federal trademark.

In Los Angeles, which may be the taco capital of the U.S., the news of the N.B.A. champ’s filing was met with frowns, guffaws or shrugs.

At Trejo’s Tacos o

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