Last-Hurrah Quesadillas & 9 Other Recipes We’re Cooking This Week

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Hey there! If we haven’t met: Hi, hello, I’m Emma. I’m a writer and recipe developer here at Food52.

For the past couple months, our test kitchen has been working hard on late fall and early winter recipes. While the temperature has been hovering near 100°F, we’ve been roasting turkeys, simmering chili, and opening a ton of cans of pumpkin puree (did you know you can find these in the supermarket all year round? You can!).

But outside of work, we’ve been doing just the opposite.

In this new weekly letter, What We’re Cooking This Week, I’m going to be sharing all the recipes our editorial team is making—and thinking about, and talking about—off-duty. Come dig in.

T-Minus 14 Days Until Fall…

The weather is cooling off soon (thank goodness), which means I’m taking advantage of every moment that I can get with my grill. Cue: EmilyC’s Grilled Potato & Green Bean Salad. It’s on deck for my dinner tonight, backed up by a few soft-boiled eggs. My husband will be taking a video of me cooking (I should probably tell him this at some point), so come hang out with me on Instagram (@emmalaperruque), and BYO beans.

…Which Means Corn Is Still a Thing

These corn quesadillas from our contributor Grant Melton just jumped to the top of my wishlist. They’re inspired by Mexican street corn, spiced with jalapeño and chile powder, gooey thanks to two types of cheese, and served with a limey crema. Beer, not optional.

Possible Burger

Every time I open Pocket, turn on NPR, or walk from Penn Station to our office (shoutout to the combination Dunkin Donuts–Baskin Robbins on 7th Ave.), I stumble upon another advertisement for a meatless yet “meaty” food. I’m all about eating less meat, but I’m just as interested in plant-based substitutes as I am in—wait for it—actual vegetables. These (cheese-stuffed! panko-breaded! deep-fried!) ’Shroom Burgers from Shake Shack are better than ground beef. And