Hating Comic Sans Is Not a Personality

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From its inception, the font attracted eye rolls and outright pitchfork attacks. Mr. Connare’s boss, Bob Norton, wasn’t a fan of it and axed it from the ill-fated program, called Microsoft Bob. But the font lived on in a Windows 95 Plus! pack. Paige Shelton, author of the mystery “Comic Sans Murder,” set in a fictional typewriter repair shop, said that when the font was released “all Helvetica broke loose.”

Comic Sans is what Ms. Shelton calls “a fun-times font,” manspreading across paper in strokes thicker than fair Cambria or no-nonsense Garamond. (Mr. Bierut said Helvetica, by contrast, is a “a call from H.R.”) The spacing, or kerning, between its letters is uneven because it wasn

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