ESPN’s Katie Nolan pretended to be Rose Lavelle to get into LeBron James’ post-ESPYs party

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This was a night Katie Nolan won’t forget anytime soon. 

The ESPN personality and host of “Always Late with Katie Nolan” hosted the ESPYs red carpet show prior to the event with coworkers Dianna Russini and Cassidy Hubbarth. After partying with the U.S. women’s national squad, the trio headed to LeBron James’ exclusive post-ESPYs bash. 

“Every year LeBron has this party, the Uninterrupted party – famously impossible to get into,” Nolan recounted on her podcast, Sports? last week. 

The USWNT had made it to James’ party before the ESPN trio. As they waited in line, Rose Lavelle, the breakout star of the World Cup-winning squad, was leaving the party. The group was sure to take note of that.

“The (host) has her little iPad with the list on it. Again, to reiterate: Cassidy and Dianna, on that list. Me, no, not at all,” Nolan said. “Never even sniffed it. So Cassidy goes first. She’s like, ‘Cassidy Hubbarth.’ The woman looks, ‘You’re all set.’ Diana. ‘Dianna Russini.’ ‘You’re all set.’

“I’m very aware of where I stand on a list of people going to a party. And I’m OK with it. I’m just not going to go, because I’d rather not go and not feel bad that I can’t get in.”

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Then came Nolan’s turn to enter. The host asked for her name.

“Dianna goes, ‘It’s L-a-v-, Rose how do you spell your last name?'” Nolan explained on the podcast.

At that point, Nolan picked up on the

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