Dwyane Wade and Draymond Green had some words of encouragement for little-known draft prospect after Zion Williamson overshadowed him

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During Zion Williamson’s media availability on Wednesday leading up to the 2019 NBA Draft, a photo of the former Duke University star went viral because of its clear illustration of what many call “the Zion effect.”

The photo showed Williamson surrounded by media, while another projected first-rounder, Goga Bitadze, was sitting at the table next to him looking over.

The photo caught fire rapidly on Twitter, but it also caught the attention of some big names in the game.

Dwyane Wade and Draymond Green took to the photo posted on Instagram to offer some words of encouragement to the 19-year-old from Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.

“Use it as fuel,” Wade commented.

“He should frame this pic… look at it everyday and grind!” Green added.

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