Could D’Angelo Russell Return to the Lakers? | Open Floor Podcast

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NBA free agency will begin on Sunday and the rumor mill has been spinning since the end of the Finals. With Kyrie Irving likely headed to Brooklyn to play for the Nets, D’Angelo Russell might have to find a new home. Russell was shipped out of Los Angeles after his relationship with Magic Johnson and the team soured but with LeBron James and Anthony Davis now present with the Lakers, would it make sense for the All-Star to reunite with his former club?

The Washington Post‘s Ben Golliver and Andrew Sharp of the Open Floor podcast discuss Russell’s free agency options.

(Listen to the latest Open Floor podcast here. The following transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Andrew Sharp: Adrian Wojnarowski said he thinks one focus for the Lakers will be the point guard position and they can get involved with D’Angelo Russell. He said Russell would have an open mind to return to Los Angeles. So what do you think of that Ben? You’re not the world’s biggest D’Angelo fan but to me it makes some sense. If they can’t get Kawhi Leonard and if they can’t get Kyrie Irving, what do you think of that idea?

Ben Golliver: I think D’Angelo Russell and his people should go back and watch any highlights of LeBron James over the last 15 years to get a sense for what his role would be on the team. Because this guy seems to love dribbling the ball and stepping into mid-range jumpers off balance late in games and trying to play the hero and his job is going to be to stand in the corner and watch LeBron do whatever LeBron wants to do.

So I think from a basketball fit standpoint, it’d be terrible for him now. I think that some of the drama from the Lakers—they’re already trying to mend those fences and Magic Johnson said a few things these last couple days about ‘hey you know he’s a d

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