Come on slam, and welcome Don Cheadle to Space Jam 2

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Photo: Leon Bennett (Getty Images)

In a casting announcement that sounds almost too good for what we’ve come to expect from the Space Jam brand, Deadline is reporting that Don Cheadle has joined the cast of the long-rumored, now-finally-happening reboot with LeBron James. We don’t know who he’ll be playing, but assuming he’s not a Looney Tune and that the movie won’t be casting regular actors as basketball players, he could be taking over the Bill Murray role as “guy who is just there for some reason.” Or, barring that, maybe he’ll just be playing his character from the Marvel movies and War Machine will show up to join the battle against the Monstars. That would be pretty cool.

Space Jam 2, which might not actually feature many real NBA stars beyond LeBron James (sneaker

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