5’9″ Kid Throws Down A Wicked Slam Dunk From Standing Position

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Dunking a basketball usually gets easier the closer you get to the rim, which is why when you think of prolific dunkers, you usually think of guys like LeBron James (6’8″), Michael Jordan (6’6″) or Shaquille O’Neal (7’1″).

Which is why this 5’9″ kid going full Vince Carter is so freaking impressive. Look at this vertical:


That’s Chi, an amateur jumper/dunker. If you visit his Instagram profile, jumpsbychi, you might find other videos of him completely destroying the rim. Like this:


Or even this:


Or, uh, this video of him jumping straight into his ceiling:


He’s amazing, and an inspiration to short kings everywhere.

As a final celebration of his amazing athleticism and skill, check out this mixtape from Chi’s YouTube channel:


Chi, you are a hero.

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