Zion Blows Through Sneaker and Sprains Knee, Nike Responds

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February 22: Zion is currently listed as day-to-day after suffering what has now been diagnosed as a grade 1 right knee sprain. There’s no word on whether he’ll play Saturday, February 23 at Syracuse.

“I think that everyone wants to know his status, and it’s still — we don’t have a timetable, but the preliminary reports that we have on Zion’s injury are all optimistic — very, very good,” Blue Devils Coach Mike Krzyzewski said on his weekly ESPNU Radio show on SiriusXM. “And the fact that it’s a stable condition, a mild sprain, and we’re going to do what everyone would do, and that’s what’s in the best interest of the young man. And Zion will get proper care. He’s getting it today, as this moves along these next 24, 48 hours, we’ll have a better feel for things, but there’s no rush. You want to make sure he’s completely at 100 percent.”

Last night, in what was expected to be the most entertaining game so far this season, with President Obama, Spike Lee, Ken Griffey Jr. and many more in attendance,
Zion Williamson blew through a pair of
Nike sneakers just 36 seconds into play.

The young phenom dribbled hard from the left wing to the foul line, stopped with his back to the hoop to half-spin back to where he came from and slid across the floor, with his entire forefoot busting through the toebox of his custom Duke Nike PG 2.5 kicks. He immediately went down and clutched the back of his right knee, then got up and hobbled off the court with a mangled sneaker in hand. Soon after, he left

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