Would the Pelicans Trade Zion for LeBron James? | Open Floor NBA Podcast

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The rumors surrounding Zion Williamson and Anthony Davis have reached a fever pitch. An example of that came when a reader asked the Open Floor podcast whether the Pelicans should consider trading Zion Williamson for LeBron James. Andrew Sharp and The Washington Post‘s Ben Golliver field that question and dig deeper into Zion Williamson’s situation in New Orleans. 

(Listen to the latest Crossover podcast here. The following transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Alvin Gentry

Ben Golliver: I’m just really disappointed in people. I can’t launch Zion Inc. at the same time I’ve already got Giannis Inc. going, and I can only be on so many boards. But my big takeaway about this whole Zion, New Orleans thing… everyone was questioning, “Is you going to go back to Duke?” Is he going to try to hold out? It bugged me a little bit. And I think if I was in Zion’s camp, all of the excitement from the Pelicans that came out of the first 24 hours about, “Oh, this could mean that he’s going to be able to help keep Anthony Davis. This is so big for the Anthony Davis situation.” That would have actually bugged me, and I think I would have brought it up to David Griffin. I would have said, “You know what the defining question of your franchise is not, ‘What does Zion do for Anthony Davis? The

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