Wildest Plays Yet From NBA Bubble Scrimmage Games

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LeBron made the list, unsurprisingly.

LeBron made the list, unsurprisingly.
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All 22 teams taking part in the NBA restart down in the Orlando “bubble” have now officially competed in game action.

The first three days of scrimmages highlighted some of the league’s best talent who finally are able to showcase their skills after over four months.

While the games are missing the same energy and atmosphere that we are accustomed to, the level of play was surprisingly high. We saw sensational plays from All-Stars as well as notable performances from a few of the league’s rising standouts.

After taking our first look at every team in the “bubble” we have compiled some of the best plays from the NBA’s official/unofficial start.

LeBron James Uses Eye Goggles to find JaVale McGee

LeBron doing typical LeBron things as he draws two defenders on his drive and wraps a bounce pass around a couple of Dallas Mavericks. McGee, a long way away from his Shaqtin’ A Fool days, caught it, let a defender fly by and threw it down.

Kyle Lowry beats the buzzer

Raptors execute a perfect end of the half set that ends in Lowry catching the ball on the run almost near midcourt, taking two hard dribbles to the 3-point line and shooting a leaning three-pointer with a defender draped all over him. The ball finds a way to hit the backboard and drop in before the halftime buzzer sounds.

Paul George making defenders look crazy

PG13 is one of the best two-way players in the league and he shows you why in this mid-post possession. George spins off one Magic defender and makes the other look completely silly who tries to come for the help as George finishes smoothly on the other side of the rim.

James Harden gets back in his bag


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