Tristan Thompson says LeBron James ‘eats like s—‘ and has the worst diet ever, but dominates anyway

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  • LeBron James’ former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Tristan Thompson told The Athletic that James “eats like s—” and has “the worst f—ing diet ever.”
  • Thompson said James has a love of sweets, eats copious amounts of food, breaks diets, and still dominates everyone on the floor anyway because his body burns it all off.
  • James is said to spend $1.5 million per year on body care, from trainers to recovery devices, but his diet may be one area where he is lax.
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LeBron James is known for his intense preparation and care for his body, but according to his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Tristan Thompson, that may be overstated.

Thompson told The Athletic’s Joe Vardon and Jason Lloyd in an article full of anecdotes about James that “The King” also eats like one.

“He has the worst f—ing diet ever,” Thompson said, adding, “He eats like s—.” Thompson said James has a love of sweets and consumes tons of food, but it never seems to affect him.

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