Traina Thoughts: LeBron James Just Had His Most Memorable Night Of The Season

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LeBron James had an amazing reaction to Alex Caruso’s dunk during Lakers-Warriors game.

1. It’s been a rough season for LeBron James and the Lakers, but even during a 108-90 blowout against the Warriors on Thursday night, the King managed to entertain the masses from the bench.

Wearing a Nipsey Hussle shirt, James was left in complete disbelief after teammate Alex Caruso went airborne for a put-back dunk. TNT’s Kevin Harlan also lost his mind on the call, making for one of the better highlight videos of the 2018-19 season. Watch:

LeBron looked like he was going to faint. Just a tremendous reaction. James also whipped Twitter into a frenzy during the game when he had a super-secret conversation with free-agent-to-be Kevin Durant.

2. Mike Tyson is rightfully not happy that Nintendo is making a new Punch Out game without him. How does Nintendo not even contact him to get involved?

3. Triple H

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