The ESPN Daily: The best trash talk in the NFL, the fall of a golfing legend, and the fiercest dunk ever

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Liftoff for the Rockets? … The Houston Rockets face the L.A. Clippers tonight — on ESPN! Pretty exciting! — and all the on-court questions surrounding Houston are about how James Harden and Russell Westbrook can coexist in their second go-round. So far, it’s going pretty well — Houston is 7-3 and Harden is averaging more than 37 points per game — but can it hold up over the course of a full season? In today’s ESPN Daily podcast, Mina Kimes talks to Kirk Goldsberry about how the Rockets’ Westbrook experiment is going … and what needs to happen for the team to bring home that elusive championship. You can listen to it right here.


The most legendary trash talk ever … As the great Terry Tate once said, football is about mind games. What better way to let your opponents know they’ve got no chance of winning than with a little bit of trash talk? We’ve taken the best bits of sassing, dissing and all-around disrespect the NFL has to offer and put them into a quiz. Can you identify who said what? Take our quiz now!


A return for Kaepernick? Colin Kaepernick’s three-year absence from the NFL might finally be coming to an end. NFL clubs

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