The ESPN Daily: How to summon your Sasquatch

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Call of the Sasquatch: Bigfoot does not exist … OR DOES HE?!? At the world’s premier Sasquatch calling contest, which is not at all fake, contestants try to summon the legendary creature — and some of them claim to have met the beast himself. David Fleming has the full story of perhaps the most bizarre competition you’ve ever heard of. Read More


What did Magic Johnson want? … He had the power to remake the Lakers around LeBron James, with a title he always desired and carte blanche from a friendly owner. But in the end, writes Ramona Shelburne, Magic Johnson valued something else over all of that — the ability to just be Magic Johnson. Read More

Quest for the green jacket … Buckle up, y’all, it’s time for the Masters. The world’s best male golfers are set to tee off today and play until a champion is crowned Sunday. We have everything you need to know leading into golf’s biggest tournament. Read More

A record in Jeopardy … See what we did there? OK, so, a professional sports bettor just won the most money ever ($110,914) for a single episode of “Jeopardy!” He shattered the previous record by more than $30,000. James Holzhauer’s brief run of dominance has the “Jeopardy!” community wondering if he can challenge Ken Jennings’ all-time record of more than $2.5 million. Remember when Jennings’ run ended against a woman named Nancy Zerg? If that happened today, the Starcraft memes would go on for weeks. Read More




From rookies to seasoned vets, Dwyane Wade explains how the phenomenon of his jersey exchange has taken an unexpected turn in his final season.



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