The ESPN Daily: How the Chiefs got their man

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How the Chiefs outmaneuvered the NFL … Patrick Mahomes looks like the quarterback of the future for the Kansas City Chiefs. The road to drafting him wasn’t easy, though — it required some fancy trades with a whole heap of variables. Here’s the story of how the Chiefs got their man, and how he might change the course of their franchise forever. Read More

Get ready for the Leggy 100 … There is some premium defensive talent in this draft — so much so that you’ll have to go out of the top 10 of Jeff Legwold’s ranking of the top 100 NFL prospects before you find a quarterback. If your team needs a masher on the defensive line, you’re gonna want to take a look at this to see who’s out there. Read More

The evolution of the NBA’s kicks game …The NBA and sneakerhead-dom are intertwined, but these days, it’s about way more than just who has the biggest collection. Here are three players who have embraced the sneaker-culture evolution. Read More


Bad blood … Imagine someone wakes you up at 6 a.m. asking for your blood. Would you give it to them? You probably wouldn’t, because you’re probably not a UFC featherweight who’s subject to random year-round drug testing. But UFC featherweight Dan Ige didn’t think twice … until the person he gave it to told him something shocki

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