‘Space Jam 2’ to Get Rewrite by Ryan Coogler as LeBron James Struggles to Cast Sequel

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Space Jam 2

After years of development, it looked like Space Jam 2 was gaining steam once NBA superstar LeBron James officially signed on last year to star in and produce the sequel to the 1996 film. However, it seems like Space Jam 2 will be sidelined for a little longer as producer Ryan Coogler teams up with Searching co-writer Sev Ohanian to pen a Space Jam 2 rewrite while James negotiates a sneaker contract that may prevent NBA stars from showing up in the film entirely.

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter spells out some troubles for Space Jam 2, and it all has to do with sneaker contracts. LeBron James is having trouble recruiting fellow NBA stars for his team on Space Jam 2 thanks to a sneaker contract rivalry, which hinders the L.A. Lakers star from enacting his plan to use part of this NBA offseason to begin shoo

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