Shannon Sharpe: LeBron James has nothing to prove to Laker fans

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– Shannon, what do you make of this?

– He should have been frustrated. He looked as if he was frustrated because it was a ridiculous question, Skip Bayless. And you know it’s a ridiculous question.

SKIP BAYLESS: I don’t know that. Am I speaking yet, Shannon?

– No, you’re not speaking. I don’t know why you’re speaking now.

– Why are you putting words in my mind before I speak?

SHANNON SHARPE: I just said–

– I don’t think it was ridiculous question. Go ahead.

SHANNON SHARPE: It’s like he’s auditioning to play for the Lakers. Skip, I get it– it’s one of the two or three most prominent franchises in all the NBA. But he– LeBron James doesn’t owe the Lakers anything to play for them. You know, Magic did come over to his house, sit in his driveway for 30 minutes before the hour which he could talk to him. Magic Johnson

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