Report: 2019 NBA All-Star Draft Will Be Televised in January

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The NBA and NBAPA have reportedly reached an agreement on televising the All-Star draft.

The NBA and NBPA have agreed to televise the All-Star draft for the 2019 contest in Charlotte, Marc Stein and Kevin Draper of The New York Times report.

The draft will likely be aired on TNT and Jan. 30 and 31 are looking like potential target dates, depending on the availability of the two captains.

Last season, the league switched the format of the All-Star game from East vs. West to a playground-style in which two captains picked teams among a pool of All-Stars from both conferences.

The leading vote-getter from each conference is named a captain and those two players pick from the other 22 All-Stars (11 from each conference) to create the teams.

The league caught some flack last season for not televising the draft.

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