Nick Wright: ‘The gap between LeBron and the second-best player is as big as the gap has ever been’

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– Every year at this time, there’s the NBA GM survey. And as I said earlier, most people don’t like conflict in life. They don’t. They don’t like to argue with people. You and I are considered highly outspoken. But people come up to us on the street, or in a restaurant, or a bar, or at a car wash, and they say nice things to us, because people don’t want to be confrontational.

So when the NBA GM survey comes out, you can be honest, because you’re anonymous. It’s like social media. You can hide behind it. Well, what do you know? Everybody says they love Durant, but LeBron won eight categories and Durant won one. LeBron got second place in power forward. He doesn’t even play the position. And

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