NBA Championship Odds Favor Lakers Over Bucks, Clippers But Neutral Site Could Shake Things Up

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If oddsmakers are correct, the City of Angels will become the likely home of this year’s Larry O’Brien trophy, but while the Lakers remain atop the NBA Championship odds boards, the league’s decision to play out the remainder of the season in a neutral location could actually hand the Clippers a slight advantage.

The Lakers and the Clippers hold the No. 1 and No. 2 positions in the Western Conference respectively, and where seeing plays a pivotal role in determining the Home/Away splits in playoff series, it creates an interesting situation when the two top teams share an arena.

The Clippers and the Lakers both call the Staples Center home, and aside from causing a scheduling headache, the home advantage would likely benefit the Lakers if the two were to meet in the conference finals as the odds suggest.

The two teams have met three times at the Staples Center this season, splitting the two Clippers home games and with the lone Lakers home game going to the Clippers as well.

Make no mistake about it, the Staples Center belongs to the Lakers, and though there were plenty of Clippers fans were in attendance for each of the games, the majority of the crowd sported the purple and gold.


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