Maverick Carter’s USC commencement speech was a pretty great ad for his startup Uninterrupted

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On Friday, Maverick Carter gave the commencement address at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and welcomed the more than 900 graduates to the real world.

As with any good commencement address, Carter used a blend of personal anecdotes, learned advice, and inspirational material to encourage the new grads to aim beyond the safe, low-risk career path and always bet big on themselves. The lessons he imparted came from his experiences of working with LeBron James, but also growing up around his grandmother’s basement casino. Between the two, Carter said he learned how to measure risk versus reward, instantaneously calculating each decision based on upside and downside, and being prepared to take a risk.

But perhaps the best lesson Carter gave in this speech was how to make the most of every brand opportunity. He managed to take the tagline and inspiration behind his media startup Uninterrupted–“More Than”–and extend it far beyond the idea of giving athletes a voice, turning it into a man

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