Lincoln Project Uses Trump’s Goodyear Boycott Call To Blast Him In Ohio Ad

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The Lincoln Project, led by conservative Republicans, is using President Donald Trump’s startling call to boycott Goodyear in a scathing attack ad this week in Ohio.

The ad criticizes Trump for calling for a boycott of the 122-year-old American company just as the nation is reeling from 175,000 COVID-19 deaths and record unemployment. Why call for a boycott that risks 3,300 union jobs? the ad asks. Because Trump’s “feelings got hurt.”

Trump called for the action Wednesday against one of Ohio’s largest employers after Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. banned political message attire at its plants. Trump falsely claimed the company banned “Make American Great Again” hats, but they were not mentioned in the Goodyear policy.

Trump “talks a good game, but he’s not on our side,” says a narrator in the Lincoln Project ad. “Never has been. Never will be.”

Trump’s tweet immediately sent the company’s stock down

The company dropped the policy after Trump’s tweet. Trump, meanwhile, was slammed as a “snowflake” and a “cancel culture” hypocrite.

Ohio residents, union leaders and lawmakers were stunned that Trump could cavalierly demand an economic blow to the largest tire manufacturer in the nation. Akron, Goodyear’s headquarters, is known as “Rubber City.” The boycott call in a battleground state runs the risk of jeopardizing Trump’s reelection chances.

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan slammed Trump in a tweet for “coming to destroy the American economy and heartland jobs, adding: “Luckily, you seem to fail at everything you do.” It included a gif of NBA hometown star LeBron James in a judge’s wig. (James said

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