LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan

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Honest to God, I just found this image in our library and had to use it here.

…Anyway, last night LeBron James surpassed Michael Jordan in career points, becoming the fourth-highest scoring person in the NBA. There has been and will continue to be plenty of ink – print and digital – spilled on the subject of which of the two are better. What’s important to recognize, however, is that it’s a bad comparison.

Professional sports changes over time and in a relatively short amount of time players/coaches/teams/etc. will change their approach to their sport. Not too long ago, the three-point shot was a new thing and people were wary of it. You really only went for it on rare occasion. Now, it’s become an almost effortless task for the top players, all of whom love to drop a handful per game.

Likewise, the approach to defense and offense has changed. We’ve gone from set plays to motion offenses to a m

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