‘Kawhi Leonard stretched it too long’: Lakers’ Jeanie Buss reveals what happened post Anthony Davis… – The Sportsrush

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Speaking to Sam Amico of The Athletic, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss reflected on the past offseason and how everything fell in place for the franchise.

It’s an open secret that the Los Angeles Lakers were among the suitors for Kawhi Leonard as a free agent last summer. The Klaw granted meetings to the Toronto Raptors as well, before deciding to sign with his hometown Clippers.

Among the conditions that Kawhi had was that the Clippers had to acquire a supporting star alongside him – something he would already have had with the Lakers.

The Anthony Davis trade and its impact on Kawhi Leonard move

The Anthony Davis trade saga began early last season and stretched on till the start of offseason. It was seen by many people as the Lakers giving up too much of their roster depth in pursuit of a superstar.

Many felt they would need another All Star or superstar to make waves in the playoffs.

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