Ja Morant’s Dunks Are Amazing. His Misses Are Even Better.

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“I knew he was athletic, but damn,” Love told reporters after the game. “He legit jumped over me.”

When the Cavaliers hosted the Grizzlies in December, Love had a couple of thoughts that surfaced when Morant collected a loose ball near the 3-point line and began to accelerate toward the basket with a hard dribble.

The first was that Love wanted to draw a charge. (In the past, Love said, the Cavaliers had awarded players $100 for such feats.) The second was fear in the form of a haunting image: the 7-foot-2 Frederic Weis getting demolished by Vince Carter at the 2000 Summer Olympics, the so-called dunk of death.

Sure enough, Morant tried to vault himself over Love and spike the ball throug

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