J.R. Smith Gave Us A Much-Needed Moment Of Levity

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JR Smith did not take kindly to a kid breaking the window on his truck. Image: Getty

JR Smith did not take kindly to a kid breaking the window on his truck. Image: Getty

In life, there are consequences and repercussions.

Some random white kid in California learned that valuable lesson on Sunday, while also giving us all a hearty laugh that we needed after a very long and mentally exhausting week and weekend.

“One of these little motherfu**ing white boys didn’t know where he was going and broke my fu**ing window in my truck. Broke my sh*t. I chased him down and whooped his ass,” Smith said on his Instagram account about the footage that he knew would soon be uploaded confirming the incident.

“This ain’t no hate crime. I ain’t got no problem with nobody who ain’t got no problem with me. It’s a problem with the motherfu**ing system. That’s it. […] He didn’t know whose window he broke and he got his ass whooped.”

Every ounce of New Jersey came out of Smith at that moment, and it was glorious. That was not J.R. Smith, the NBA champion and former Sixth Man of the Year, in that video. That was a man named Earl Joseph Smith III defending his property.

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And while this Smith, and the dude getting stomped out, are the focus of the video, the true star is the unnamed man in the video that turns to the camera and says: “Respect his privacy, please. Come on.”

In 2020, when everything is being recorded on phones, this man dared to believe that a bystander was going to stop filming a former NBA star in the midst of administering some WWE leg kicks.

Whew, we all needed that laugh.

A day earlier, Smith was spotted on a bike ride in Los Angeles with Lebron James and Anthony Davis.

Sunday was also the two-year anniversary of arguably Smith’s lowest moment in his playing career, Game 1 of the 2018 Finals, when he lost track of the score in final the moments of regulation, possibly costing the Cleveland Cavaliers the game against the Golden State Warriors.

James put on one of greatest performances in NBA Finals history with 51 points on 19-32 shooting from the field, grabbed 8 rebounds, and handed out 8 assists.

But all people remember from that game is his reaction to Smith, which gave us one of the greatest memes of all time.

James was so mad that he walked out of the press conference due to being pepper

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