J.R. Smith And Marcus Smart Are Keeping The Cavs-Celtics Rivalry Alive And Well

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The NBA season doesn’t start for another nine days, but J.R. Smith and Marcus Smart are already back on their bullshit. In the first quarter(!) of last night’s Cavs-Celtics preseason game, Aron Baynes and J.R. Smith got into a scuffle when Baynes appeared to try and pull a Kelly Olynyk on Smith’s shoulder. After Smith shoved the much-larger New Zealander about five feet, Marcus Smart stepped in to defend his teammate.

Before Smart could get any real blows onto Smith, Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier came swooping in to tackle their own teammate to the ground to prevent any further damage. Smith, like a man who is truly about that action, smiled throughout the whole incident. He even waved goodbye to Smart after he was ejected.

The refs gave double technicals to Smart and Smith,

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