GM will reportedly debut an all-electric Hummer during the Super Bowl this Sunday. Here’s a look back at the vehicle’s storied past.

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  • Reports are that General Motors will unveil a new, all-electric Hummer in a Super Bowl ad this Sunday. 
  • The reports are that the EV will be a pickup under the GMC brand, which would make it the first new Hummer since GM shut down the Hummer brand in 2010. 
  • This all comes as several manufacturers — including Ford, Tesla, and Rivian — plan to roll out electric pickups in the near future.
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A decade after General Motors discontinued the Hummer brand in the face of a bankruptcy, rising gas prices, and a decline in demand for the military-inspired SUV, it may soon be back in the form of an electric pickup truck. 

Unnamed sources quoted by The Wall Street Journal said GM plans to revive the Hummer name for the truck, which it will show off during a Super Bowl ad featuring LeBron James this

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