Dwyane Wade compares Luka Doncic to LeBron James

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Dwyane Wade came into this season as a soon-to-be retiree. Luka Doncic came into the league as a rookie from overseas. They will only play in the NBA for one season with each other.

Wade has seen him play, though, and the Miami Heat legend has been very impressed. As they say, game recognizes game, and Wade sees that in Doncic.

Wade told Tim Cato of The Athletic:

“Quote me right where I say this – it’s LeBron James-like from the standpoint of how he’s able to rope that pass to shooters in corners, getting blitzed. There’s not many guys who can do that and put it right there. He does an amazing job of it.”

Doncic is on the path to be one of the NBA’s next superstars. He does have the vision like James, and he also has the ability to hit difficult shots off the dribble. His stepback jumper is like that of James Harden. He has the skill of an elite point

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