Durant: Seattle deserves an NBA team again

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OAKLAND, Calif. — Kevin Durant, who began his professional career in the Pacific Northwest, believes the NBA should bring a team back to Seattle.

As the Golden State Warriors prepare for Friday night’s preseason game against the Sacramento Kings in KeyArena in Seattle, Durant is hopeful that the proud basketball hotbed will be home to an NBA team again soon.

“For sure,” Durant told ESPN. “Most definitely. It’s a basketball city. It’s a sports town. … They have a good representation of basketball in the NBA from Seattle-born players, Washington state-born players. And I feel like that whole brand deserves an NBA team. Just like the Golden State Warriors deserve a team or the Los Angeles Lakers deserve a team, Seattle is that same way. [A team] has that same type of impact in the community. So [we have] a lot of time in life before this whole thing is over, and I’m sure we’ll see a team before it’s time.”

The Seattle SuperSonics selected Durant with the second pick in the 2007 draft. He played one season in Seattle before new owner Clay Bennett moved the team to Oklahoma City and named it the Thunder.

Durant has always spoken fondly of his time in Seattle and still feels a connection with his first professional home.

“I look back on it and picture what it would have been like

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