Dennis Rodman says LeBron James has ‘no moves’ and his ‘game is too simple’

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Dennis Rodman has dunked on LeBron James for having “no moves.”

Sports is inundated with extraordinary stories of game recognizing game, of greats lauding their peers.

Earlier this year, Serena Williams was in tears watching Tiger Woods win his 15th major championship in golf because he shows “greatness like no other,” Floyd Mayweather marvelled at NBA sensation Luka Doncic in February, and The Rock and Conor McGregor once exchanged Instagram messages where they gushed over each other’s work ethic.

But Rodman has taken a look at James and slammed the LA Lakers forward’s game for being “too simple.”

James has returned a per game average of 27.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 8.3 assists this season, but Rodman said height is the only thing the three-t

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