Conservative Organization Swung for LeBron James’ Throne – and Missed

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Don’t come at the king.

Don’t come at the king.
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LeBron James found himself Friday defending his throne, which he has recently extended to not only his play on the court, but leadership on fixing our structurally racist system of casting a ballot.

James took to Twitter to fend off a misinformation campaign that started with a website called Protect My Vote, according to a The Washington Post report. The platform has been circulating ads on Facebook that paint mail-in voting as unreliable. Protect My Vote, a right-wing group that has been supported by convervative organizations like Freedomworks, made the baseless claim in direct contrast with James’ More Than a Vote initiative, founded to support Black voters in general, but also urging voters to request a mail-in ballot.

One of Protect My Vote’s now deleted June Facebook posts features a LeBron tweet in painting Kentucky gutting the number of polling places as “systemic racism.” That was in the midst of voter suppression taking place during Georgia’s June primaries.

The Facebook post intentionally flips James’ tweet suggesting that he was linking the closures to the expansion of mail-in-voting ahead of the general election.

Adam Mendelsohn, a longtime advisor to James, told The Post that the ads were “shameless,” adding that lawyers are examining the situation.

James also tweeted Friday: “Nobody should be able to use my name (or anyone else [sic] name) to lie and deceive about the election. Not sure what we can do legally but definitely trying to

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