Conor McGregor says he learned a vital lesson about spending money from LeBron James

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Conor McGregor said he learned a crucial lesson about spending money after reading about how LeBron James spends his.

The UFC fighter, 30, has earned his fortune as one of the most marketable athletes in combat sport. He made $99 million in 2018 according to Forbes, largely because of his landmark crossover boxing rules contest against Floyd Mayweather the year before.

Since then, he has launched a widly successful whiskey brand called Proper No. Twelve and a clothing line called August McGregor that he hopes, one day, will rival Net-a-Porter.

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McGregor makes a lot of money but he has also been known to spend a lot of money, too, thanks to his love of designer suits, Lamborghini cars, and luxury yachts.

But McGregor changed his ways when he found out what other sporting superstars spend their money on.

LeBron James.
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Three-time NBA champion James remains one of the top athletes in basketball, even at 34 years old.

Aside from a sweet tooth for cereal, he eats well. But he also trains well. Last year it was revealed that he even spends $1.5 million every year taking care of his body, which includes the cost of his home gym, trainers, massage therapists, chefs, and more.

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This had a positive and lasting effect on McGregor.


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