Chris Bosh Says Kobe Bryant Was ‘Inspiration’ for LeBron, Wade at ’08 Olympics

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FILE - Team USA's Kobe Bryant pops his shirt as he celebrates after beating Spain, 118-107, in the men's gold medal basketball game at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing. All it took was finally getting the world's best player in uniform. someone so good deserves to be considered among the candidates for The Associated Press' Athlete of the Decade. (AP Photo/Dusan Vranic, File)

Dusan Vranic/Associated Press

Former NBA star Chris Bosh has spent part of the summer blogging about his time with the Miami Heat alongside LeBron James and Dwyane Wade—specifically focusing on the title years of 2012 and 2013. 

In his most recent post on Wednesday, Bosh explained how quickly Wade and James began preparing for the 2012-13 season after having just won the title the year before. The inspiration for the sudden turnaround was Kobe Bryant, who the three played with on the 2008 USA Basketball team that won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics.  

Bryant, Bosh wrote, set the tone for the entire team beginning on the first day of practice in 2008:

“Not only was [Bryant] the first to breakfast, but he also had ice bags on his knees, which meant he’d already worked out. 

“Mind you, this was less than two weeks after the Lakers lost in the Finals to the Celtics. You couldn’t have blamed him for resting up and focusing on being healthy for the next season. But instead, the dude was pushing himself harder than any human being I had ever met—waking up at 4:00 a.m. to hit the gym. That meant all of us were gonna push ourselves, too. 

“With Kobe as an inspiration, D and Bron elevated their games that summer, balling out at practices at a level I’d never seen before. And they, in turn, inspired me. Hell, we all inspired each other. B

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