Bills defender accuses NFL of double-standard over Tom Brady after vicious hit on Josh Allen

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  • Buffalo Bills safeties Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer called out the officials in Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots after quarterback Josh Allen took a big hit.
  • Hyde and Poyer agreed that if a similar hit was thrown at Tom Brady, the result would have likely been a penalty and an ejection from the game.
  • In an interview with WEEI, Brady said that such hits are a part of the risk that comes with being a mobile quarterback, and recalled a similar shot he took when playing against the Bills 18 years ago.
  • Patriots head coach Bill Belichick also said that the team was playing by the book and that Allen was a tough guy to take down.
  • The teams will play a closely watched rematch in Week 16 in Foxboro.
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The Buffalo Bills were not at all happy after watching quarterback Josh Allen take a brutal hit in their 16-10 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday.

The hit in question came in the fourth quarter as the Bills attempted to mount a comeback against their divisional rival. After Allen scrambled for a seven-yard gain, he was first met by Patriots safety Duron Harmon, who teed Allen up for a devastating hit to be delivered by cornerback Jonathan Jones.

The Bills secondary didn’t shy away from criticizing the officials no-call on the hit.

After the game, Bills safety Micah Hyde called out the officials for what he perceived as a double-standard in how hits are called against his quarterback and his opposition, Tom Brady.

“That’s the first thing that came out of my mouth on the sideline: If one of us did that to 12, we wouldn’t have been in the game anymore,” Hyde said after the game. “There’s no way. There’s no way we would’ve continued to play in that game.”


Jordan Poyer, Hyde’s partner in the Bills secondary, agreed.

“I’d think you’d be probably thrown out of the football game. I’m just g

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