Andre Iguodala says he thinks Stephen Curry is the second-best NBA player ever

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Correction: This article previously stated that Andre Iguodala called Stephen Curry the second-greatest NBA player ever. The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson later clarified in a tweet that Iguodala was calling Curry the second-greatest point guard ever.

In the mind of Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala, Stephen Curry is one of the best players at his position of all-time

Iguodala told The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson that he considers Curry, his teammate, the “the second-best ever.” Thompson explained in a tweet that Iguodala was calling Curry the second-best point guard ever — not player ever— something Iguodala has reportedly said about Curry before.

“I think he’s the second best ever,” Iguodala told Thompson. “I always thought that about him. I knew but o

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